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Case Study


Empowering Remote Job Seekers

RE:motive is a user-centric platform crafted to empower remote job seekers through advanced filtering options, an integrated communication hub, mentorship programs, and educational resources, fostering a seamless and efficient experience in the evolving landscape of remote work.


Market Research

Current Remote Job Market Trends

Explosive Growth in Remote Work
Remote work has experienced unprecedented growth, accelerated by global events such as the COVID-19 pandemic. Companies increasingly recognize the benefits of remote work, leading to a surge in demand for remote job opportunities.

Diversification of Remote Roles
Beyond traditional remote roles in tech, there is a diversification of remote opportunities across industries. From marketing and design to customer support and project management, professionals seek remote positions in various fields.

Global Talent Pools
Remote work allows companies to tap into a global pool of talent. Job seekers are no longer restricted by geographical boundaries, leading to a more competitive and diverse talent landscape.

Flexibility in Work Arrangements
Job seekers prioritize flexibility in work arrangements. The desire for a healthy work-life balance, flexible schedules, and the option for part-time or project-based work has become a prominent trend.

Lack of Personalization in Job Recommendations
Many job boards lack sophisticated algorithms for personalized job recommendations. Remote job seekers may receive generic listings rather than opportunities that align with their specific skills, preferences, and career goals.

Stakeholders Interviews

Communication Challenges
Job seekers highlighted the importance of efficient and direct communication channels during the application process. Many expressed frustration with delayed or unclear communication from potential employers.

Challenges in Identifying Remote Talent
Recruiters face difficulties in identifying and attracting qualified remote talent. They expressed a need for platforms that facilitate seamless connections with suitable candidates.

Global Talent Landscape
Experts acknowledged the shift towards a global talent pool in remote work. They highlighted the need for platforms to accommodate diverse skill sets and align job seekers with opportunities that match their expertise.


User Personas & User Journeys

Problem Statements

Remote Job Seeker's Perspective
- Lack of personalization in job recommendations and search filters
- Limited filters for part-time or flexible remote roles
- Limited filtrations for hybrid schedules and time zones

Employer's Perspective
- Managing above-average applicants causes logical issues during the filtering and interviewing process
- Evaluating the skill sets of remote job applicants differs from in-person assessments
- Engaging an appropriate talent pool is challenging due to the lack of tarted visibility resulting from limited filtering options on the seekers' end

User Research

Target Audience

Survey & Interviews

To conduct the user survey, I created an online questionnaire consisting of 8 questions. Additionally, I conducted one-on-one interviews as part of the user interview process. The following is the guide that I used to obtain the results.

Competitive Analysis

Key Takeaways and Opportunities for RE:motive

Advanced Filtering and Personalization
Remotive can capitalize on the opportunity to offer advanced and highly personalized filtering options, catering to specific preferences such as flexible schedules and remote-friendly tech stacks.

Mentorship Programs and Networking
Introducing mentorship programs and virtual networking opportunities can enhance the user experience, especially for recent graduates and those seeking guidance in the remote job market.

User Education and Resources- Introducing mentorship programs and Incorporating educational resources and guides for remote job seekers aligns with the trend of empowering users with the knowledge and skills needed for successful remote work.




Usability Reports

Positive Aspects

Clean and Intuitive Design
Users overwhelmingly praised the clean and intuitive design of the Remotive platform, emphasizing the professional look and feel.

Efficient Navigation
The navigation was found to be efficient and straightforward, with users appreciating the ease of moving between different sections of the platform.

Advanced Filtering Options
The advanced filtering options for job searches received positive feedback, allowing users to tailor their searches to specific preferences effectively.

Areas for Improvement

Accessibility Enhancements
Some users raised concerns about accessibility, including compatibility with screen readers and color contrast issues. Addressing these concerns is crucial for a more inclusive user experience.

Refinement of Mentorship Matching
While mentorship programs were positively received, iterative refinement of the matching algorithm is recommended to enhance the effectiveness of mentor-mentee connections.

Streamlining Onboarding Process
Participants suggested streamlining the onboarding process for new users, ensuring a smoother introduction to the platform without unnecessary steps.

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